Unloading dock in Sisimiut

Unloading dock in Sisimiut

The dock in Sisimiut Harbour has undergone an extensive renovation and modernization in order to meet the new standards and needs.

Reinforcement of the Port Facilities

In Greenland the harbour of Sisimiut is considered a large port, used by container ships, large fishing vessels, cruise ships and smaller boat owners. Nevertheless, capacity problems have been experienced and the many years of use have set their mark on the harbour.

The harbour of Sisimiut consists of a number of docks, which serve different purposes. In connection with the project, the task has been to develop and renovate the quayside of the unloading dock. A new bridgehead of 80 m2 has thus been established and the existing port facilities have been reinforced with 150 meters of bursting in front of the quayside. In this way, the customer has maintained the facilities while optimizing the safety for the users of the harbour.

In connection with the project, it has been important to take into account the fish factory, which is located at the harbour facilities. Since the fish factory is running constantly, there has been an increased use of planning in order to accommodate both the factory and the construction work.  In Orbicon Arctic we have a lot of experience in design and construction management of infrastructure like harbour facilities, which have been important for the current project in Sisimiut.  Furthermore, it has been important to take into consideration the presence of sea ice, which are common in Greenlandic waters.

Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer

The Optimal Solution Was Found through User Dialogue

Orbicon Arctic has been involved in the project from the idea to completion of the project, in which we have used our knowledge based on many years of experience in both design and construction management.

Throughout the project, it has been important for the customer to work closely with the users of the facilities in order to create an optimal solution for all. This has resulted in a better end product that meets the standards of modern conditions in Greenland's infrastructure both now and in the future.

The port of Sisimiut consists of a number of docks, which serve different purposes, including a unloading dock (50 m), an Atlantic dock (60m), a fishing jetty (60 m), a supply jetty (20 m), a skonnert dock (10 m) and a mooring for smaller boats (60 m).

The Government of Greenland
80 m2 bridge head + 150 m reinforcement along the existing dock
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