The Arctic Winter Games 2016

Better Conditions for Sports in Nuuk 

In March 2016, 15 different sports and disciplines contested within the Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk, Greenland. An event that required high quality facilities for both sports and viewers. 

With the purpose of meeting the international standards and requirements, a renovation of the existing sports facilities was initiated prior to the AWG 16. This included the preparation of the sites used to serve the many athletes and viewers. Fifty-two temporary containers were established with offices, WC and bathroom facilities and storage, which was used by viewers, participants and the organisers themselves. The containers were originally planned to be transported from Denmark and afterwards distributed across the city.

The improved sport conditions in Nuuk have not only been beneficial during the games in 2016 but they have also been valuable afterwards. Besides improved sports facilities meeting the international standards, Nuuk is now capable of hosting larger arrangements for approx. 1.700 people. 

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Project Management Guarantees the Goal

A year before the beginning of the AWG 16, Orbicon Arctic was chosen by the Municipality of Sermersooq as their main consultant for the project. During the start-up phase, Orbicon Arctic had to prepare the documents for the renovation of various locations, including the multi-purpose sports arena, Inussivik, which got new skylights, windshields, overhead cranes, and lighting systems in LED. Additionally all further sport facilities in Nuuk were given new light systems in order to comply with the requirements of the AWG’s International Committee. As for the fifty-two containers, the establishment of electricity, water, and sewer was furthermore a requirement.
At the same time, Orbicon Arctic designed all of the technical installations. 

By providing dedicated project management, Orbicon Arctic made sure that all facilities were ready for the Arctic Winter Games, and that they lived up to the various international standards and requirements. This was despite the fact that the originally planned containers from Denmark never arrived in Greenland. The originally intended containers were used for the comprehensive refugee crisis. Instead, Orbicon Arctic found a new manufacturer that were able to produce new containers and ship them all the way from China.

Throughout the process, Orbicon Arctic had a close dialogue and coordination with all the relevant parties like suppliers, schools, sports centres, contractors, etc.

Along with the project, the client got improved sports facilities meeting the international standards. Furthermore, Nuuk is now capable of hosting larger arrangements for approx. 1.700 people.

Municipality of Sermersooq
Project engineering and project management