Drainage System in Ilimanaq

A Drainage System Will Transform Ilimanaq

A few years ago, there was no drainage system at all in Ilimanaq and one can only imagine how dysfunctional this has been. Orbicon Arctic’s experts within the field have therefore designed a drainage system that can help the village with the disposal of sewage and wastewater. This has involved technical consultancy, idea proposal, and design engineering. 

The Ilimanaq project has been quite comprehensive. The design engineering was challenging from the beginning since the area was not already mapped by Asiaq – The Survey’s studies of Greenland. The isolated village is furthermore difficult to access due to the ice fiord of Ilulissat and it has therefore been essential to think creatively and use alternative maps and photos taken on the spot. In doing so, the challenges and the project were solved using Orbicon’s installation, planning, and coordination skills that all came into play, and Ilimanaq has now gotten a new, well-functioning drainage system.

At Orbicon Arctic, we focus on being available to our customers in order to create a trustworthy relationship that will ensure the best results. From the beginning and throughout the entire process of the Ilimanaq project, Orbicon Arctic has been in close dialogue in case of doubt or questions with the client the Municipality of Qaasuitsup.

Better Circumstances for Tourism

The drainage system consists of a 350 metres complete main sewage pipe system, of which 300 metres are on land and 50 metres are below sea level as a subsea pipe. In addition, Orbicon has also provided technical consultancy and assistance regarding the design of three pumping wells and associated electrical work. The subsea pipe is partly electrically protected against frost, and placed below the seabed to protect against ice floes. In addition, it is anchored with gabion mattresses and broken rock to ensure a solid and durable solution.

The new drainage system is part of a comprehensive and ambitious pilot project in Ilimanaq, which strives to create new frameworks for increased tourism in the area. Simultaneously with the construction of the drainage system, old and historic houses in the village were renovated, new luxury tourist lodges were built, new paths of wood were made, several minor renovations or new buildings were introduced, and a new raw water pipeline of 2.300 metres were added to the village, which is one of the longest in Greenland.

The preliminary project started in 2015 and the main project was completed in the autumn of 2017.

The project is a collaboration between Greenland and Denmark. Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and Self-Government Chairman, Kim Kielsen, have visited the village and the project.

The Municipality of Qaasuitsup
Ilimanaq, Ilulissat
350 m
Consulting engineers
Orbicon A/S and CBCL limited in Canada
Project engineering and project management