Development of a New Arctic Building Practice

Customized for the Right Conditions

During the past many years, the construction industry in Greenland has been characterized by the European construction style, and the materials have often been the same as used in Europe. Houses in Greenland are therefore, often built in wood, despite the fact that wood is a shortage in Greenland and heavy to transport. The ambitious project must therefore take into account the conditions prevailing in Greenland, so that the construction is more part of the nature here. The newly developed building practice must take into account the harsh Arctic weather conditions, so that resources can be used better, as the construction time in Greenland is scarce because of the long winter period.

With the development of a new Arctic building practice, the idea is to create a construction that can be easily mounted and removed without the use of heavy lifting gear. The idea is to develop a recyclable system, where most of the building components are prefabricated and then simply mounted.

Inooraq Brandt

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A Consultant with Arctic Experience

Since the development of the project has taken place in Denmark at both the university - DTU and the architectural firm - Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, it has been important to find a consultant who has experience working in Greenland to assess and construct the project in the environment to which they are intended.

Orbicon Arctic has therefore, been chosen as project manager for the project when the first test construction will be built in Nuuk in 2018. With many years of experience as an adviser in Greenland, Orbicon Arctic has the knowledge about the Arctic conditions, which is needed in order to test the new Arctic building practice. It requires great knowledge, coordination and adaptation, because of the limited possible construction period. Besides being the project manager, Orbicon Arctic must also supervise in the field during the construction.
As the new Arctic building practice is a research project, Orbicon Arctic participates in the follow-up work as we, with our Arctic knowledge, can help assess whether the project can be successful and whether there are any elements in the project that should be adapted, so they are more suited for the Arctic environment. 

The project is expected to be finished in 2019.

The new Arctic building practice is the further development of a project presented by Tegnestuen Vandkunsten and the design houses Qarsoq and Clement & Carlsen (Nuuk) at the Venice Architecture conference in 2012 under the theme “Possible Greenland”.

Project management, professional supervision and project monitoring