116 Apartments in Nuuk

A Solution Against Lack of Housing

In Nuuk lack of housing is a well-known problem since many people from around the coast and abroad are moving to the bigger cities like Nuuk.  
However, this problem is hopefully only temporary, as many new constructions are on its way, including 116 new apartments. The new constructions are family homes consisting of mainly 2-3 bedroom apartments spread over two 10-storey residential towers. The planned towers are some of the highest in Nuuk, which make the whole construction both exciting and innovative.  

In addition to the large lack of housing in Nuuk, another problem is the lack of building sites. The landscape around Nuuk consist mainly of rocky hills, which result in a rough construction environment, which have to be blown away in order to use the landscape for building sites. 

The 116 apartments are expected to be done in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Inooraq Brandt

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Private Urban Development

The 116 apartments have been developed in close cooperation with the turnkey contractor, EMJ-Atcon Greenland A/S. In Greenland, public developers are responsible for 90% of the construction work, however the 116 apartments belong to the last 10%, resulting in a construction different from the market. Instead of just drawing and explaining, the focus has been for the entrepreneur to look at specific and detailed drawings. This has resulted in an optimized process, consisting primarily of drawings and only very little writing.

Orbicon Arctic has been responsible for the project planning of the bearing and stabilizing constructions. In addition, the customer has received a 3D model showing exactly how the construction is going to appear. With a 3D model, you can make sure that all of the customers’ requirements are met and guarantee a secure and coordinated cooperation between the involved parties in the project.
Throughout the planning of the project, Orbicon Arctic has been in close dialog with the customer in order to find the best possible solutions. In this way, you can uncover the customer needs and continuously incorporate changes leading to the best result with all deadlines respected.

During the next ten years, the number of housing in Nuuk will increase by approximately 2.500 new homes. This is partly due to of the establishment of the new district Siorarsiorfik.

INU:it Bolig A/S
Approx. 4.000 m2 per block
Turnkey contractor
EMJ-Atcon Greenland A/S
Project planning