Open positions

Jobs in Orbicon Arctic 

As an employee in Orbicon Arctic, you will be part of a team solving assignments within environment, climate, construction and infrastructure all over Greenland - from harbour construction in Nuuk to construction of houses in Qaanaaq.

Our usual employees are engineers within our services, but for some projects, we regularly need geologists, draughtsmen and other professions in both permanent as well as project employments.

We emphasize a direct and friendly tone, and believe that happy and pleased employees lead to better projects. 

Find available jobs in Orbicon Arctic and Orbicon on the Danish website.

Unsolicited application

Orbicon is always looking for new talents as well as experienced employees, so you are very welcome to send us your application and resume here (the application form is in Danish). Orbicon Arctic is a company in motion and perhaps there is a job opening where your skills can come into play.

The majority of our employees are engineers or with a background within natural science. However, the most important thing is not your education, but who you are and what you can do. We are looking forward to hearing from you.