Julie - Intern in Orbicon Arctic

My name is Julie Jeremiassen and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Nuuk. Right now, I am studying to be an Arctic engineer with construction in specialty.

My Internship at Orbicon Arctic

I chose Orbicon Arctic because I wanted my internship in a consulting engineering company in Nuuk. I thought it was the obvious choice, as there are several Arctic engineers in the company.

The first day I was going to greet the others and get to know them better and learn their system.

I got my own little "office" and a welcome folder. At Orbicon Arctic there are not only construction engineers, so for me it was also good to get to know the other’s point of view.

Another Arctic engineering student was also in an internship at Orbicon Arctic at the same time. It was nice that I did not feel alone and had an acquaintance from uni who I could greet and ask occasionally.

From theory to practice

It was important for me to apply and try out the theories I have learned at DTU. During the internship period, I used a lot of theory and learned new ones. I relation to this, I found out what my weaknesses and what my strengths are.

I was allowed to work with different projects in the 100 days I was an intern: Drawings in Revit, calculations of various building parts, work with SA and SB, attended tender, and been in supervision in Aasiaat's settlements, but mostly calculations (which I went for).

Cake and smiles

The atmosphere in Orbicon Arctic is GOOD. People can work together and you easily get a smile on your lips, and we have eaten some good cakes in the 100 days.

I look forward to greeting them again and seeing what they have achieved.

Priest Mountain in Sisimiut