About Orbicon Arctic

At Orbicon Arctic, we provide consultancy within environment, utility, infrastructure and construction among others.

The company was formed according to the wish of being present in the Greenlandic marked and society with consultancy services of first quality and roots in the local community.

Orbicon Arctic A/S is a subsidiary company to Orbicon A/S and was formed in 2011 with Mr. Michael Mørch as managing director and Mr. Per Møller Jensen as chairman of the board.

We employ 18 people at our offices in Greenland, and furthermore we draw on the expertise from Orbicon’s 600 employees in Denmark. In 2017, we opened a new office in Reykjavik, Iceland.

We are working on assignments all over Greenland for both private, public and state clients.

Our mind set is holistic and we draw on our great knowledge within technique, environment, people and society. We handle the assignments in close cooperation with our clients and with respect for the Greenlandic nature and the surrounding society.