Underwater Inspections with ROV

Underwater Inspections Made Easy

Underwater inspections like the inspections of harbor infrastructure are frequently performed manually, involving both human and financial resources, while being a bit of a risk. Modern Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are highly advanced underwater drones that provide features and capabilities previously unavailable. Operations once carried out by divers can now be carried out more quickly, efficiently and safely by the use of ROVs.

ROVs are easy to navigate and capable of continuous, reliable operations in even harsh and icy conditions. They also provide a stable platform on which different sensors may be mounted and used to meet the harbor inspection problem. With its relative low weight and size the ROV can be operated from both land and ships.

The ROV in use

In WSP Arctic, we are specialized in the use of ROVs for inspections of underwater constructions, pipes and intakes, ships and water tanks. The ROV has furthermore shown great abilities in visual mapping and examination of the seabed and is therefore a great tool for environmental studies.

We are conducting underwater inspections using one of the leading ROVs when it comes to performance and inspection quality. With a maximum depth of 100 m and 4 hours operation time, most tasks can be solved.
The ROV is equipped with powerful LED lights, which guaranties usability under all lighting conditions.

Dives are conducted by an experienced pilot and as a client you can follow the dive from a computer screen.

Below you can see ROV inspecting an underwater construction:

Get started with ROV

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Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer