Road Design

Road planning

Designing roads in Greenland is a big challenge. They must be able to maintain severe frost and melt water, and safety must be top for the users. WSP Arctic has many years of experience in road construction and we can help you create a solution that is safe for the users and meets the requirements and needs from the client.

Road planning made for the Arctic climate

When you have planned a road in Greenland, there are many challenges that must be handled.  The climate is extreme, so the roads must be able to withstand frost, and withstand the use of studded tires during the winter season.  They must furthermore be constructed in terrain shifts since most cities in Greenland have rocky hills.

With an experienced consultant that is used to working with the Arctic climate, you get the best solution. As a client, it gives you a benefit, so you will get a long-term solution that is adapted for your expectations and goals.

Experts in the latest technology

We have many years of experience with road planning in Greenland, and we draw on the latest knowledge in the area. We provide solutions that include: 3D modelling, which ensures that the project meets the expectations and wishes of the client.

We design roads and the areas around them, and we work with all phases of a road project. Right now, we help our clients with consultancy, project management, planning, 3D design and execution supervision.

Security is the most important thing

When planning new roads, it is important that safety of the users is of high priority. One of the challenges of road construction in Greenland is that many of the existing solutions have been completed and built many years ago. At that time there was not the same focus on safety and you did not have the same knowledge as we have today. Therefore, it is a complicated task to integrate the new solutions into the old ones without compromising. As a client, you get a safe solution when you involve an experienced consultant. This creates a better result for both the client and the users.

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Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer