Planning of Traffic

When you are planning on developing or transforming an urban area, a harbour or a road, it is important to assess the traffic in the short and long term. WSP Arctic has a team with extensive experience in traffic engineering and traffic planning, so we can help you develop a reliable, coherent and long-term traffic solution.

Traffic technology and traffic planning are crucial

In Greenland, we experience an increase in traffic both on land and at sea. When planning a traffic solution - either as a stand-alone project or as part of other tasks - planning is crucial for success. From the overall planning and development to the concrete design of roads, paths, intersections, urban spaces and ports.

With an experienced consultant who can utilize local knowledge, you get the best benefit. This provides a future-proof result and a well-considered, noticeable solution that removes current issues.

Experienced Traffic Planning on Land and at Sea

  • We have many years of local experience in consulting, planning and developing traffic projects both on land and at sea for public authorities, private companies and contractors.
  • We focus on working interdisciplinary and collaborate with many different stakeholders focusing on the needs of the future users of the facilities.

  • We solve administrative, technical and environmental tasks and ensure close and trustworthy cooperation throughout the process.

Safe, Consistent and Long Lasting

With good traffic technology and traffic planning, you ensure a well-functioning system with a good road safety. Right now road systems exist, for example, only in the cities. It is therefore important to find a coherent solution that is also long-term and future-proof.

As a customer, it is important to have close dialogue with the consultant throughout the traffic planning process. In this way, the customer has the greatest influence on the design of the project in order to achieve a satisfying result. This creates the best solution for the customer.

Get Started with Your Traffic Solution

Contact one of WSP Arctic's experts today by mail or phone and we will have an informal non-binding talk about traffic technology and traffic planning.

Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer