Harbour Constructions

In Greenland one of the most important parts of the infrastructure are the harbours. They are the primary source of import of groceries, exports of fish and they are the basis for cruise tourism, which is a growing profession. WSP Arctic has a team with extensive experience and knowledge within the local conditions, which are more than happy to assist you throughout the process of functional harbour construction.

The harbours in Greenland will unit the arctic conditions with good economy

When working in Greenland, it is especially important to focus on timetables, quality and economics. Otherwise it can have major consequences. The reason for this is because of the difficulties with transportation of materials due to the long distances. A fault delivery can therefore take between 4-6 weeks to compensate. In addition, transportation is even more difficult during the winter, where half of the routes are closed and the waters are filled with ice. 

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the optimizing of materials in order to minimize the future maintenance costs. The materials must be durable and of good quality as they must withstand high temperature fluctuations and last for many years. This gives a clear economic advantage in the long run. Therefore, we mainly work with concrete, steel and others non-organic materials.

Local Experience Creates the Best Results

WSP Arctic has extensive local experience in planning, authority management, design, supply and supervision of all types of harbours in Greenland. This applies to both the waterside and the associated land areas such as container areas, coastal protection, breakwater areas and floating bridges.

We can assist you in both constructing, expanding and renovating of harbour facilities. It can be a complicated process because there are many involved parties, therefore, close cooperation and good constructive dialogue between the client, authorities, contractors and other stakeholders is essential.

Effective and Future-proof Consultancy Is Essential

Every city and village in Greenland can be reached by ship so that groceries can be received. Therefore, harbour facilities must be both functional and modern. The harbours are furthermore used for transportation of materials for construction projects and as a base for large trawlers and smaller boats. All this imposes requirements on the individual harbour facilities.

It is therefore important that as much money as possible ends up in construction rather than consultancy hours, since it it benefits all people in Greenland. An effective and future-proof consultancy is therefore a paramount.

Take the Next Step Towards a Successful Project

Contact one of WSP Arctic's experts today by mail or phone and we will have an informal talk about the harbours in Greenland, so you can maintain or develop a durable and functional harbour construction.

Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer