For all construction and environmental projects it is necessary to know which kind of soil there is in the area, for a construction to happen. With WSP Arctics's broad interdisciplinarity and years of experience with geotechnical studies in Greenland we can ensure the ideal consultancy - both technically and economically.

Quality without the waste of unnecessary resources

In Greenland there has previously been a tradition of using the areas with the most easily accessible terrain like rocky hills. However, urban development in the country has come to a greater focus on economics optimization. Therefore, constructions are now built on other surfaces like silt, which require expert knowledge and project planning.

In order to ensure the best quality in Greenlandic construction, it is therefore important to use consultants with experience in geotechnical studies. This ensures quality without the waste of unnecessary resources, which provides the best and most economically efficient solution.

Professional Consultants with Local Presence

When working in Greenland, it is especially important to focus on timetables, quality and economics. Otherwise, it can have major consequences for the construction. A reason for this is difficulties with the transportation of materials due to the long distances. A fault delivery can therefore take between 4-6 weeks to compensate. In addition, transportation is even more difficult during the winter season, where half of the routes are closed and the waters are covered with ice.

Therefore, it requires great local knowledge and understanding of the Greenlandic society and the Arctic environment to advise on geotechnics. WSP Arctic has an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with all types of geotechnical tasks, ranging from constructions of buildings and harbour facilities built on silt and permafrost. In addition, we also help with the protection of buildings and structures when the permafrost disappears.

Similarly, we can assist with visual inspection of the soil layers prior to the construction of foundations or placing of bursts.

Dialogue and Cooperation Create the Best Base

To ensure good and useful solutions, it is important that the projects are carried out in accordance with applicable standards and rules. Through involvement and close consultation between the consultant, the client and the executive contractor, the best and most economically efficient solutions are secured during construction projects.

Take a Look at Your Geotechnical Survey

Are you facing a geotechnical survey? Contact one of WSP Arctic's experts today by mail or phone, and we will have an informal talk about your thoughts in order for you to get the best possible solution.

Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer