Environment and Planning

When a new construction is established in Greenland, the construction must comply with the Authority's demand for the least possible environmental impact. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the necessary actions so that your project can be realized. By involving a competent consultant with experience in the Arctic environment, you ensure that the project meets all requirements and that you will achieve your project on time.

The client is responsible for the environment

In Greenland, the government has started focusing more on the environment when new facilities are being constructed. In order to be authorized for the establishment of a construction, the Department of Nature and Environment must approve and decide whether an environmental impact is acceptable in relation to the benefits associated with the establishment of the construction.

Working with environmental projects requires structure, overview and an ability to communicate with the various stakeholders. It is the client who is responsible for the environmental impact.

Your Project Is in Safe Hands

It requires great local knowledge and understanding of the Greenlandic society and the Arctic environment in order to consult on the environment and planning in Greenland. WSP Arctic has many years of local experience in government work, planning and EIA studies. We carry out baseline studies, EIA reports and nature impact assessments for all types of projects both on land and in the sea, where we use our specialist knowledge within a wide range of environmentally relevant subjects, including biology, geology, geography, hydrology, work environment, etc.

Our focus is to create value for the customer by delivering a project at the right price, in the right quality and at the right time. We do this by being in close dialogue with customers and collaborators.

A Good Process Is the Key to Success

Working with environmental projects is not just a discipline of science, it requires structure and overview. The goal is to create a good process and a good result that accommodate all the involved parties and surroundings.
In order to ensure that your project is approved and implemented, it is important that you know the requirements of the authorities. By involving an experienced adviser, you get a smooth dialogue with the authorities that ensure the best results for your project.

A Successful Project

There is a unique nature in Greenland and it is therefore important to take care of it and ensure that the construction projects that you plan, affect the nature as little as possible. We would like to contribute to this process. 
If you want to know how to get started with your project in order to meet the requirements of the Government, or if you like to know more about how EIA and planning work can secure your project, please contact us by email or phone and we can have an informal talk.

More Information

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