Client Consultancy

Client Consultancy

In order to lead a project safely and successfully across the finish line, it is important to have competent and independent advice and project management. In WSP Arctic we have skilled consultants ready to help you through the implementation of the project from start to finish.

Economy, Time and Quality

It can be a complex task for a contractor to manage a full project without an experienced and competent sparring partner. In connection with larger building and construction projects, you might need an impartial and professional evaluation of the services provided by the partners of the project, including technical advisers, contractors, suppliers, authorities, etc.

Here, the most important task for the client consultant is to ensure the client's interests in relation to time, economy and quality from the early stage, through the execution and finishing of the project. With an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and the real estate market, the client consultant will help with all aspects of the strategic advising in order for you to get more flexibility and better agreements.

Your Project in Experienced and Competent Hands

At WSP Arctic, we honour our highly professional integrity where we always focus on the needs of the customer in relation to the society we live in and the conditions of the market 

  • We offer a wide range of services with experienced professionals, which are ensuring a flexible and holistic advising.
  • You will receive a professional and multidisciplinary advisor with local presence and in-depth knowledge of the Greenlandic society and the Arctic environment.
  • We often participate throughout the full construction process but we will always adapt our services in order to meet your needs. We have experience with all disciplines in both small and large projects.

A Comprehensive Approach Creates a Thought Through Solution

With an experienced client consultant, you will receive the highest quality assistance that will help in the cooperation between you and the project's other involved parties. It is the client consultant’s clear goal to take care of your interests so that the project meets with the expectations. All in all to create the best solution designed for the individual customer.

One of the most important tasks for a client consultant is to manage the project through all phases to the agreed time, price and quality. With a holistic approach to construction projects, you will ensure a well-thought-out and successful result.

Take the Next Step Towards a Successful Project

You are more than welcome to call or write us for an informal talk about our consultancy services, including your needs and how we can meet these in order for you to successful reach your project goals.


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