New Road Connection between Iiminaq-Siaqqinneq

Necessary steps to Create Value

Rapid growth in the city is resulting in an overload of the road network in Nuuk. By constructing a new road connection between Iiminaq and Siaqqinneq in Nuussuaq, this project is an essential part of solving this overload challenge. The road connection will be approximately 200 metres and is initially intended for public buses with the possibility of subsequent opening for the remaining traffic.

By increasing the competition among local consultancies, we provide customers with new opportunities, which create more and greater customer value. Thanks to a close dialogue and collaboration with our client, the design of a new road connection between Iiminaq and Siaqqinneq is based on mutual trust. Locals familiar with the area have carried out all design engineering in Nuuk, which have made it even more transparent and trustworthy for the client, the Municipality of Sermersooq. 

The project has already been approved by the client and is now ready for tender. We expect the project to be on the Municipality of Sermersooq’s investment budget in 2018. 

Morten Stig Ebbesen

Morten Stig Ebbesen
Arctic engineer

Focus on Cross-country Skiing

In the process, it has been important for the Municipality of Sermersooq that the solution takes into consideration all the possible affected factors before, during, and after the construction. Here, an essential aspect to consider is that the new road connection is placed over a cross-country skiing trail. This requires extraordinary considerations since many people use the trail during winter periods. The project therefore includes an Armco pipe for the skiers. 

Orbicon Arctic has participated in the project from the idea proposal to the main project. This has been in relation to performance descriptions by the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI) and the Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

The planning of a new road connection between Iiminaq and Siaqqinneq is developed and designed simultaneously with a similar project in the area - a roundabout at Siaqqinneq.

Municipality of Sermersooq
Nuussuaq, Nuuk
Construction costs
Approximately 5 million DKK
Asiaq Greenland Survey